Éimear provides beautiful, atmospheric, instrumental music for your special day, during any part of your wedding. 
Her chosen pieces and unique sound create a stunning ambience. 

Wedding ceremony music

For your wedding ceremony Éimear plays

as the guests arrive* and are seated,

during the procession,

at the signing of the register

and when you are walking back up the aisle as a married couple.


Éimear is available to play at church weddings, civil ceremonies and civil partnerships. 
If you have a particular song or hymn that you would like to hear on your special day,

this can be arranged.

Éimear performs each violin piece from memory, without the need for sheet music.


*Please note that Éimear plays before the ceremony for around 20 to 30 minutes.

This can only take place in the actual ceremony room, church or chapel where the pa system is set up

(not in another area of the venue where guests meet before the ceremony takes place, e.g. the hotel lobby or church porch).

Drinks receptions

For your drinks reception Éimear's instrumental violin music creates the perfect atmosphere on your special day.
With a huge repertoire of different styles of music to suit guests of all ages
Eimear's playing will enhance the romantic mood until the dinner bell is rung.
With her wireless electric violin she is also free to roam the room and interact with your guests
playing upbeat popular songs and tunes.

Evening reception music & violin entertainment

Eimear's violin playing adds the perfect musical backdrop to your evening reception.
Playing beautiful, well known popular pieces of music during your wedding meal, at a background level,
Éimear's music enhances the romantic atmosphere.

Tankardstown House in County Meath by a-fotografy.co.uk

Using an eye-catching silver-blue

'Bridge Aquila Dragon' electric violin, 

Éimear entertains in between courses and after the meal.

Playing from table to table,

Éimear's energetic and captivating performance enhances the atmosphere during your wedding reception. 

Éimear performs pieces such as

The Riverdance Theme,

Galway Girl,

The Lord of the Dance theme,

well known popular songs, 

jigs and upbeat tunes.

This adds a fun, completely unique and highly memorable element to your special day.

Playing until your band arrives means that there is no lull after the meal. 


Should you wish to have Éimear's violin instrumental music during your evening meal as a beautiful backdrop, without table to table entertainment this option is also available.

Does Éimear play alongside any other musicians?

Éimear performs purely as a solo violin player.

She uses two electric violins,

  • A traditional violin for wedding ceremonies
  • A Bridge Aquila Dragon electric violin for entertaining during your wedding reception

Éimear plays each instrumental along to a professional backing track. This creates a full instrumental sound. 

Éimear does not play as part of a violin duo or quartet at weddings. Acoustically, the output and sound is much clearer with just the one violin playing. It also has a much greater impact if there is just one musician creating the sound and entertaining during your wedding meal.

For safety reasons, one instrumentalist moving around the ballroom or function room at the one time entertaining is much safer. As there can often be waiters, waitresses and guests moving around, one violinist is always recommended for wedding receptions.  

With years of experience from playing in many different sized wedding function/ballrooms, Éimear knows exactly when to entertain and when to remain in the one area, keeping all safety aspects in mind. This can be incredibly tricky if there are two violinists moving around entertaining, hence why Éimear works as a solo violinist.

Why hire Éimear for your wedding reception?

Éimear is Ireland's most in demand electric violinist. 

She has had the pleasure of being invited to play at hundreds of weddings. The rave reviews from couples who hired Éimear's music and entertainment for their wedding day can be read here, 


Hiring Éimear, a highly experienced, in demand, accomplished electric violinist and entertainer, ensures that there will be many wonderful and unforgettable memories from your evening wedding reception! 

Éimear was and still is, Ireland's first, female solo-wedding reception electric violinist/entertainer, using the visually and acoustically stunning Bridge Aquila Dragon violin. 

She is not only highly sought after within the wedding industry but also for Corporate events and parties.

Click the link below to see the Corporate Events that Éimear has performed at,


Catherine & Conor's wedding reception in 2018 at Darver Castle, County Louth, Ireland

Catherine & Conor's wedding reception in 2018 at Darver Castle, County Louth, Ireland